Valley Walking: Overcoming The Waves

I wonder if you are as excited as I am about the new “Frozen 2” trailer that’s been released. As I watched the trailer for the long anticipated sequel, I was struck by the powerful imagery within it.

In the trailer we are plunged into a dramatic scene where Elsa (our leading lady) is boldly trying to overcome great and powerful waves. She persists with relentless bravery, even though the waves keep threatening to overcome her. The determination on her face looks unshakable. It is clear that she desperately wants to leave the shore, battle the waves and reach the place that she needs to be. Please take a look.

Moments after I watched the trailer, I started making notes for this post!

It made me think about how God sometimes calls us from the safe shores, out into the turbulence and uncertainty of the waves. It made me think of how life can sometimes, simply drop us into unpredictable and fierce circumstances without any warning or preparation.

That’s what happened in my situation. One minute I was on dry land, everything in my world was normal and within a matter of minutes, the ground I stood upon was ripped away and the ferocious waves crashed over me. This is the impact of betrayal and sudden spousal abandonment.

At the beginning, I felt as though I was literally drowning. I didn’t know what to cling onto, what was real. I didn’t understand what was happening around me. The months since have been spent trying to keep my head above the rising waters, constantly fighting against the waves that threaten to drag me down and destroy me.

As I watched the trailer, my curiosity was piqued. What is beyond the waves? What is she trying to reach?

I realise that whatever lies beyond the waves, it is her purpose that she reach it…maybe in order to fulfil a greater purpose.

Beyond the waves there is a promise of a new shore. Much like God’s promise to us, that there is always new life and new hope when we live in Him.

Overcoming the waves takes endurance, it can be painful and threaten to engulf us but with each wave that crashes over us, God is with us. As the water covers us, we are also covered in His love. With each wound we suffer, we are touched by His healing. And with each lie we are told, we are strengthened by His truth.

Running blindly into the waves can mean trusting in His promises even when we cannot see them. It can mean trusting that there is a purpose that we perhaps cannot comprehend.

A wave can be as powerful as any army, it can wipe out all in it’s wake but in God we will not be overcome and we will not go under.

When we trust in a better tomorrow and hold firm to God’s love for us it makes us brave enough to run into even the most treacherous of waters. Holding firm to His love means we will not sink, He will give us what we need to fight, to survive, to swim until one day we reach a new shore.


8 thoughts on “Valley Walking: Overcoming The Waves

  1. emergingfromthedarknight says:

    I really feel with Mercury in Pisces which often feels to me like the wild ocean this post is right on schedule. Life is like this with waves crashing and the art lies in learning to ride the tide. When the big ones hit it feels like we are going under and will never find surface again but in time we do. This post is a powerful reminder to keep having courage and fortitude despite the high seas we so often find ourselves subsumed within. Your attitude is inspiring. ❤

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  2. 140 Character Christian says:

    Thanks for this encouraging post. A big wave hit me yesterday and knocked me down – just when I felt life was going okay. I surfaced with a mouthful of sand, but that’s when God reminded me that I also had a mouthful of grit to move on — determination to stay above the surface. God is faithful. We just need to follow his lead.

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