Valley Walking: When There Are No Words

There have been countless times throughout my divorce where I have spoken to God about my situation, told him of my heartbreak, my fear and my devastation. So many prayers for strength, for protection, for healing. The words have flown freely, like a wild river, spilling out of me. So many words, lifted to heaven.

Then there are the other days. Days when I sit down to speak to God and there are simply no words. Nothing.

Divorce is so often riddled with heartbreak, loss, abandonment, and betrayal. There can be days when all of these elements surface at once. Sometimes it’s hard to know which layer to deal with first. The dark cloud hovering above can seem so thick and oppressive that it’s hard to imagine that the sun is still above it. It’s on these days that talking to God can be so difficult.

I have come to realise that on these days, God knows. He just does. He understands the human heart and He understands our pain. He knows what’s in our hearts, our troubles and the burdens we are carrying.

There have been times when all I have been able to say is, ‘Jesus.’ I can just say His name. It’s a single word, but there is so much power in it. In simply saying His name, I am inviting Him into my situation. I’m telling Jesus that I need Him.

Sometimes we get caught up in creating the right formula for prayer. We think we have to have the right mind set, the right time and the right atmosphere before we can come before God. We can feel we have to provide a monologue for God, using all the right words for Him to understand our needs but He just knows. He made us, He knitted us together. Before we even open our mouths, he knows our situation. His desire is simply for us to involve Him, to share our pain and to lean on Him.

Are you desperate to lay down the burden you are carrying? Are you wanting the peace and strength of Jesus? Are you finding that sometimes you struggle to even find the words to express your sadness, your anger, your fear?

Please know this, He knows.

Simply say the name of ‘Jesus.’ Welcome His presence. Rest with Him and feel at peace that He is working in your situation.


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