Inspiration Station: Song Of The Week

Do you ever feel that you are in a battle? Or, that you are lost in the wilderness?

Do you ever feel as though each time you try to get up and find your feet, life has a way of knocking you down again?

Throughout this past year I have experienced all of those feelings. There have been times when I have felt totally defeated and times when I didn’t know if I had what it took to begin again.

Navigating divorce with all of it’s coldness and pain is so difficult but I have found that the shock of my marriage ending and the grief of that loss is what has really tested me. Life has become a very steep up-hill climb and everything can look extremely dark but I am trusting in God that I will find my way.

Lately, each morning I listen to a song called, ‘Never Give Up’ by Sia. This song captures so well the battle that can be raging inside each of us. The fighting spirit that this song ignites in me is amazing. In the lyrics, Sia acknowledges the times when we “hit the ground” and the times we feel abandoned but she proclaims her victory over these things.

Please know that whatever you face, you are stronger than you know. Even though life may knock you down and its hurdles can be so difficult to overcome, hope remains if we keep getting back up again.

I hope this song ignites in you the fighting spirit that it has in me.


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