Inspiration Station: Song Of The Week (and why I’m called valleygirlwalking)

This week I wanted to talk about a song that is very special to me. First though, I wanted to explain a bit about why I chose my blog author name and how it links to this week’s inspiration station choice.

I blog under the name, valleygirlwalking. Now, I’ve had a few lovely people email me and ask if I am from, “The Valley” (The San Fernando Valley, California). I realise that, “Valley Girl,” is sometimes used to reference girls from this part of California but as I explain to those that email me, I am in fact, from the United Kingdom.

There is actually a different reason why I call myself, valleygirlwalking.

When I found out about my husband’s betrayal and when he very suddenly ended our marriage, I didn’t know how I was ever going to make my way through the shock, pain and loss. I didn’t see how I was supposed to live without my husband, who I loved so deeply. I was left in such a state of deep despair.

One day, someone came to visit me and have prayer with me. As they prayed, they spoke of the valley that I was in and how Jesus was there with me, walking by my side, in the darkness and the anguish. They prayed that I would know that I was not alone. One of the things that really stood out to me, was that they prayed that I would have the strength to just keep walking.

So that is what I did, I kept walking.

I started this blog, to talk about my journey through the valley I am in. I wanted others to know that they are not alone in their journeys either. I wanted to navigate the heartache, the struggles, the uncertainties and the things I am learning in a way that might help someone else.

One thing I know is that where there are valleys there are hills and mountains. I have come to see that even as He walks beside us, God is also already on the mountain, guiding us. We may not always be able to see our way out of the valleys we are in but He does. He see’s the bigger picture and despite how bleak things may look, He still has a plan for us.

I believe that one day I will be stood on that mountain with my Lord, looking down over that wide valley and the journey I have been on. We have been on. Looking at the journey we took together that led to the new future He had in store for me.

So when I created my blog, I decided to call myself valleygirlwalking.

Now, back to the music! This week I wanted to share with you the song, ‘Hills and Valleys,’ by Tauren Wells. He is a wonderful singer and this is such a beautiful song. It really speaks to my story and it gives me so much strength to keep walking and hope that with Jesus, I will reach the top of the mountain. It’s lyrics inspire strength and a renewed trust that we can lean on Jesus as we walk through our valleys.

It is a song that speaks of God’s promises to us and assures us that He will breath new life into the places in our souls where it feels like there is none. It is a song that reminds us that no matter how big the mountain before us may be, God is bigger.

Please do have a listen and I pray that you will know that however dark and uncertain the valley you are in may feel now, God is in control, He is with you and one day, you will stand on the mountain.



11 thoughts on “Inspiration Station: Song Of The Week (and why I’m called valleygirlwalking)

  1. Invisibly Me says:

    Your reasoning for your blog’s name is fascinating, and so very personal so thank you for sharing that. It’s lovely that someone prayed with you and gave you that comfort. Walking the valley, your own journey, and giving encouragement, support and sharing your experiences to help others along the way. I’d never heard of Tauren Wells before but this is a beautiful song, and I love the Cello accompaniment.
    Head high, keep walking.
    Caz xx

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  2. thereluctantpoet says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your story with us!! It’s a cliche I know because I didn’t believe it when I was going through what you are going through – but “Time heals”. If you trust in the Lord then you know He has something better for you!! See the book of Job???
    Here’s what you can look forward to – someday –


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    • valleygirlwalking says:

      That is a really beautiful poem, so uplifting and I know it will give a lot of people hope that things in time will get better. You are so right, we have to hold on and trust that time really will heal and in time we will see the bigger plan God has for us. Thank you for that encouragement. 🙂


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