Valley Walking: Recalculating Your Route

I’ve been thinking a lot about the journey I am on and the plan that God has for my life.

When I married my partner, God blessed our marriage and we set off on our journey together. What I didn’t count on, was that I would be faced with a huge and sudden obstruction along the way. This would lead to a parting of ways and a diversion from the plan that God had set for us.

It’s a bit like when you set off on a car journey with your satnav programmed to get you to your destination. Off you drive, trusting fully in the satnav to get you there safely and in the quickest and most direct route possible. Suddenly, you come across a sign that says that the road ahead is closed. The road you were meant to take is blocked and you are diverted onto a different road. This can create a sense of hesitancy and sudden fear. This isn’t the way I was meant to go! 

Thankfully, your trusty satnav will let you know at this point that it is ‘recalculating your route.’ It understands that you will need a new route to get you to your destination.

I find it fascinating that all satnav systems are linked to an overarching network of satellites that orbit the earth and send signals from space. Something high above is calculating and processing our journeys for us.  This is kind of the same with God. He has a high level perspective over our lives and our journeys. He sees what lies ahead of us and when you hit an obstruction or a diversion, He has already been at work, quickly ‘recalculating your route.’ He begins making new roads for you, he is doing a new thing.

This may not have been what He intended for you originally, but His love is such that He will find a way, this isn’t the end of your journey. He will see you to where you need to be, in the safest and best route possible for you.

Sometimes we deviate from our original routes, sometimes we are forced from them. Sometimes we end up down roads that we never wanted to venture down but God will not let you travel into unchartered territory alone. He will not leave you at a dead end. He will go before you, guide you and reroute you towards the full purpose for your life.

Just like a satellite, God sees further than what you or I could ever see or comprehend and we can trust and feel peace that He has our journey safe in His hands.

Isaiah 43:19 (NIV): ‘See I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up: Do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.’


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