A BIG Thank you

As we near Christmas I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you wonderful readers. I want to thank each of you for very kindly continuing to follow my story.

I also want to say thank you for the amazing kindness, support and encouragement that has been shown to me by so many of you. So many times a simple word of advice or heartfelt encouragement to keep going, has been the exact medicine I’ve needed to carry on and face difficult challenges head on.

So much has been shared with me; songs, book and movie suggestions, bible verses, inspirational quotes. These things have been such a support, not only me but to others too, I’m sure. Most importantly you have shared your stories with me, your trials and your triumphs. I can’t thank you enough for this.

This is not an easy valley to navigate and I know I’m not the only one travelling it. I have been in awe at the courage, strength and resilience I have seen from so many of you. Thank you for being inspirational.

I pray you are blessed this Christmas and that you have an amazing 2019. Whatever you are facing, please know that you are not alone and that there is a plan for you.

As for me, I will be spending Christmas with family and seeking out the peace of this season. I am still very much in the midst of a great deal of hurt, sadness and trial but I know with God all things are possible.

May 2019 be filled with hope, adventure and new life. God bless you all.

17 thoughts on “A BIG Thank you

  1. agirlwhowrites says:

    Happy Holidays to one of the most resilient bloggers I’ve come across. I admire your courage to admit what’s happening and face it with a boldness that’s gentle yet firm. All the best, may 2019 bring many good fortunes and all that you wish for. 🙂

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  2. 140 Character Christian says:

    Your sharing on this blog has also inspired me and helped get me through s tough year. Thanks! Praying that you will experience new life in celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus! May his peace fill you this season. May the struggles you face bear much fruit for the Kingdom of God. Praying God’s continued strength in the new year.

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